Auditing & Contract drafting

A legal audit is closely related to a business aspect of an enterprise and is composed of an in-depth analysis of a business process in a company, through bidding until accomplishing a project. The aim of an audit is to localize and diminish legal risk present in Client’s business as well as to optimize the Client’s expenses on protection over exclusive rights. Auditing includes:

  • Verifying contracts used in the enterprise in terms of Client’s interests (particularly regulating transferring or exploiting IP rights);
  • Preparing documentation drafts for basic transactions;
  • Preparing documentation used to protect know-how and maintain trade secrets (contracts with contracting parties and contracts with employees);
  • Verifying documents in terms of meeting legal requirements of consumer rights and personal data protection;
  • Analyzing documentation related to exclusive rights over trademarks and industrial designs with an aim to optimize costs spent on their maintenance and protection.
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