Trademark monitoring

Does a trademark registration in a patent office guarantee that the competitors cannot register and use a sign similar or identical to previously registered trademark? Not necessarily.  Here is why:

After the amendment of Industrial Property Act made in April 2016, the Polish Patent Office does not inform the proprietors of protected designations about registrations of similar or identical signs anymore. This means that the Office may register designations conflicting with previous trademarks. Aiming to avoid such infringements, the Law Art Science experts monitor trademarks in terms of their similarity or identity. We inform Client on the attempts of submitting such applications to patent offices and represent Client in an opposition procedure.

Trademark monitoring serves for assuring protection for registered trademarks and prevents other allegedly infringing sings from appearing on the market. Monitoring should be considered by everyone who wishes to register their trademark or already possesses an exclusive right over a trademark.
We customize the offer on trademark monitoring. Such an offer depends on the type of protected designation, the number of designations and the territory of protection. If you wish to obtain a detailed information, please contact us via: office@lawartscience.com

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